Quing Cheng
Entrance of the Quing-Cheng sword school

Number of members:


Known Members:

Yan Xiao Liu

Zhang Peng

Quingcheng is the sword school of the protagonist Yan Xiao Liu, and multiple other characters of Blood and Steel.


It is stated that once entered into the Quingcheng sword school, one is subject to two years of intense training, leaving their past behind them. Withing the two years, over half of the students either flee or resign, but the remaining ones are elevated to the level of Novice. Novices are sent down to the base of the mountains in order to test their blades on real enemies, and if proven successful they are given the title of Adept, and are allowed to enter the ranking system.


The Quing-Cheng sword school's 142 students are divided into three categories, the first of which being the student, or recruit. The second, and third categories are Novice, and later Adept.